It Might As Well Be Spring

While the a lot of the country is buried under snow, it might as well be Spring in the Southland. The hills are green, the wildflowers are blooming and so is the performance schedule. Look for the Keller Juice and…

Amazing Power of Music!

It's nearly Valentines Day and we're working on amazing show for tonight. While compiling the music and performers, it struck me how much singers will do to share their talents. There is a strong vibe among us to share our…

My Valentine Theme - Keep Doing What You Love

It seems that if you do what you love, then others will love what you do! 
At least thats the way I feel about it. Thanks to so many of you who come out regularly to shows and also support…

A New Twist

Hi Friends,
Last year, I started a new thing!
I'm singing and performing with my group "Keller Juice" and other groups. This means that I'll be emceeing and performing at events where I will invite other performers to join me…

CD Reviews

"Lynn's smooth style and the sensitive accompaniment of the big band is a pleasure to hear. Thank you for playing my arrangement so well - you sound wonderful!" - Arranger, George Stone 

"You are a great singer and I…