Learning to Heal Is Work!

Mental and physical healing takes energy and forethought. First, you have to acknowledge that healing is necessary and that you want to heal. Second you have to find a method to change. This is challenging because you can't keep doing your old patterns. You have to change it up! Third, you have to search your heart and life for ways to modify things being creative about solutions so you want to use them. YOU HAVE TO BE PASSIONATE ABOUT CHANGE! Talk with friends, find experts on the topic, explore options and keep an open mind. Select a method(s) for change and stick to it! Finally, identify a check and balance method so you don't backslide. Be kind to yourself if you make baby steps toward progress, it can propel you forward. We all need to heal from these last months. We can't keep maintaining the status quo. I believe that's why there is so much pain in our streets.....America heal thyself, you've done it before!

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