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Lynn Keller


“If you do what you love, others will love what you do!” That’s Lynn’s motto – which rings true for her pursuit of music. She sincerely has a good time while performing which of course translates to the performance and the audience. She believes that when you’re performing, every part of you is engaged. It’s a feeling of being totally alive and involved.


Lynn sings blues, tender ballads and upscale jazz favorites lending a thoughtful texture to the music.  Her devotion to singing did not spring-up overnight. She grew up in a family of musicians and performers. It’s in her DNA to understand and appreciate music as challenging pursuit. She specializes in adapting song selections to her audience. She has been singing professionally since 2000. Lynn often sings in French or Spanish or will often adapt a song to the native tongue of the audience. Bottom line, she works hard to ensure her music resonates with each listener.

Lynn sings with big bands to name a few: The Flight 584 Big Band, Woody James Big Band, Pat Longo’s Hollywood Big Band. She developed her love of big band music from her Father, the legendary trumpet player and former Conductor of the Harry James Orchestra. Lynn and Art did an album featuring big band and smaller combo selections. The Album entitled “Notes From My Father,” was released in 2015.


Lynn says, “I love to combine the many skills I’ve acquired over my lifetime to produce fun and innovative shows.” In the last two years she has produced and hosted around a dozen sold-out shows with the Randy Van Horne Singers. “It’s a challenge to marshal all the musical talent (the singers and instrumentalists,) around a theme and then promote the show and participate in it. It’s great to make an amazing evening of musical entertainment. I love to connect with the audience and share in the fun,” says Lynn.


Lynn has an eclectic interest in music. With her quartet, “The Keller Juice,” she performs at special functions; themed events; weddings; birthdays, etc. She sings in the “Ovations” concert series each year. The concerts feature Classical, Sacred Themes and Popular Music. From time to time, she sings with the California Philharmonic during Summer programming at Disney Hall.


Contact Information: Lynn Keller (Baygan)

Mobile: 818-667-0425


Facebook Pages: Lynn Keller Vocalist; The Randy Van Horne Singers; Lynn Keller Baygan


Link to Live You Tube Performance: 2018 – Lynn Keller With Flight 584 Big Band