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"If you do what you love, others will love that you do!" That's Lynn's motto -- which rings true for her pursuit of music and entertaining. She has a great time performing which translates to a good time for the audience.  She believes that when you're on stage every part of you is engaged. It's a feeling of being totally alive and involved.

Lynn sings upscale jazz favorites, blues and tender ballads lending a thoughtful texture to her music. Her devotion to performing did not spring-up over night. She grew up in a family of musicians and performers. It's in her DNA to understand and appreciate entertaining as a challenging pursuit. Over the years, she has added French and Spanish selections to her repertoire. Given the occasion, she will learn songs to accommodate the audience even if the request is in a different language. Bottom line, she works hard to ensure her music resonates with the occasion and with every listener in the room.

Lynn singe with big bands like: The Flight 584 Big Band, Conductor John Mitchell, The Woody James Big Band, Pat Longo's Hollywood Big band. Lynn's dad, legendary trumpet player Art Depew (and conductor of the Harry James Orchestra,) exposed her to big band music. She has had a passion for it ever since.  She has accumulated a big band book of over 40 songs ready to go. Lynn and her dad completed an album together featuring big band and smaller combo selections. Completed in 2015, "Notes From My Father," was a labor of love for the both of them.

Lynn says," I love to combine the many skills I've acquired in my lifetime. We are all a product of the many experiences we have gained. Putting personal talents together is rewarding and challenging." She has sung, emceed and produced live shows with the Randy Van Horne Singers  and her quartet for a number of years. Recently during the pandemic, she has produced short music videos from her home patio, "Graceland Terrace." You can find these videos on #lynnkellergracelandterrace." 

Lynn has an eclectic interest in music. Her quartet performs at special functions, themed events, weddings, birthdays, etc. She sings in the Ovations concerts each year and is a soloist for the "Pops" concert programs. 

Lynn vows to keep singing. It keeps her hopeful and optimistic about life and it's hurdles. It's as natural to her as breathing so why not keep it up!? 

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YouTube:                       #lynnkellergracelandterrace or Lynn Keller With Flight 584 Big Band


Mobile:                          818-667-0425


Facebook Pages:           Lynn Keller Vocalist; The Randy Van Horne Singers; Lynn Keller Baygan