Ramblin' Men Jazz Band: CD
  • Ramblin' Men Jazz Band: CD

Ramblin' Men Jazz Band: CD

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Art Depew, legendary trumpet player of the swing-era, had his origins in the deep South and loved traditional Dixieland music. Ramblin' Men Jazz Band - Though Art Depew played jazz in many of the big name bands of the swing-era, he was passionate about Dixieland music. He went to one of the Dixieland music greats, Matty Matlock, to learn the authentic way to perform Dixieland selections. Many of the tunes had never been transcribed so Art devoted his time to arranging them and recording them for posterity. He chose only the finest musicians of this style to ensure the musicianship of the recording was of the highest caliber. The origin of his effort was his deep appreciation for the genre.

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